Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lighthouse Tour

Maine Lighthouse & National Park Tour

Five lighthouses and many magnificent coastal Mansions!
50-Mile route through islands and along Acadia's famous
ocean drive.

Bay King III - A 90 foot jet-powered catamaran
 runs from May 26th - October and you are
out on the boat for about two and a half hours.

It has two decks, but we didn't go up top.
Bear Island Lighthouse

Here's Gus loaded down like a pack horse, he was one of the few who didn't have a jacket on yet, but this was only the first lighthouse, it really got downright cold the further out in the ocean we went.
Winter Harbor Light

Winter Harbor Light in Color

Egg Rock Lighthouse
This island is off limits at certain times of the year, due
to nesting birds.
Another view of Bear Island
Great Duck Island Light
I'll post the rest of the tour including photos of the mansions and Acadia Park from the tour boat in another post.  I was quite pleased with how my photos came out.  They had pictures of the lighthouses on a screen inside the boat for the tourists that didn't want to stand outside in the cold wind and my pictures were almost as good as theirs.

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Meghan said...

Your pictures are great- the color of the water and the sky!