Monday, July 9, 2012

Bar Harbor Beach

On Sunday we met the kids in Bar Harbor
on the beach.  Michael was the first one
to actually skip a stone.  I believe eventually
Derek and Bill skipped some too.
The girls were pathetic stone skippers.

Ava was into building sand castles
while some of the other kids tried to play
billy goats on the rocks.

While walking along the shore path, we
had to stop and take a family photo for the Hall family.

The shore path is pretty long, but the kids didn't complain
it's really pretty both looking out at the ocean and
looking inland at all the nice houses and landscaping.

Henry's hat was a little to big.

Michael was acting so very grown-up,
he is almost nine you know, his birthday is in August.
We also ate lunch out, had icecream and shopped, but
that will be in another post.

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Meghan said...

Yeah! Love the pics- especially me and Micheal. I uploaded all my pics last night but I am still working on blogging.