Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just for you Michael

My new car....
well mine and Ford Motor's.
This is my new Ford Fusion I'm leasing
for the next two years.

It has many new features I've never had on
a car before like:

Key pad entry on the door
heated seats
a spoiler
leather seats
and a moon roof
just to name a few.

Well Mr. Michael, what do you think?
Did Gramie LaLa get a good one?
For an eight year old, he knows
his stuff when it comes to cars.


Sherry said...

Nice car.. my Aunt Margaret and Cousin Lisa both have one and love it.

Dorsey said...

Those heated seats will sure be nice this winter. Used my keyless entry yesterday and have used the Sync several times. Very fortunate to get all those extra's and have a smaller payment than last time. What a deal!

Amanda said...

Michael said "It's just like mine! (from rite aid) I think it's silver, not gray." And "Grammie is pretty cool!"

I think that means it passes the Michael test :)