Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting to and from work

what a hassle.....maybe I should just quit going
and stay home instead.

Week #1  M59 Closed  - 
 I have to find a way around to get to work.
      Head on collision - both drivers taken to Ann Arbor.
One by med flight.
      The third vehicle that rear-ended the vehicle
and caused the accident no one wasn't injured.

Week #2   Latson Road closed due to motorcycle fatality and
I had to take another detour to get to work.
That was after I turned left and went through
the gas station.  The cop hopped out of his car
like he was coming after me.  I don't know
what he expected me to do I was already in the left turn
lane ......the accident scene wasn't right at the intersection
so I didn't think it was the wrong thing to do.
Apparently the cop thought I should have done something else.

Week #3  Due to high winds there was a large tree down
across Latson Road and the traffic light was out. 
Traffic light out at that busy intersection at
      rush hour was pure mayhem.  Ugh!

I'm dreading next week and what it could bring.

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