Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

4 year old "D" asked me if it was a Buzzy Day.
Translation----Will the bees be out?

Nope it's to cold for bees.
Will the mosquitoes be out?

Nope it's to cold for mosquitoes.

How about a mosquito with a jacket?

After laughing hysterically at the image it conjured
up in my head, I told him;
"I'm not sure "D", but thanks for making me laugh."

Later that afternoon........
Five year old "R" told me he drove his Dad's
riding lawn mower by himself.
Yeah right! I called him on it.
"I think that's illegal, "R", the police
wouldn't like that."

"Well, I was on a condults lap."
What's a condult?  Sounds like
a mix between a conductor and an adult.
"He said slow down, because I was going too fast."
He leaned forward and whispered to me like
we were co-conspirators.
"I had it in top bunny".
I nearly peed my pants laughing.
Earlier I had explained the pictures on the
gear shifter.  The turtle being the slow speed
and the bunny being the picture for fast speed.

We've had a pretty good week.
Tomorrow I start my new nanny position with
the twins.
I'm geaked.
Just finishing up the book Twinspiration.

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