Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dino Exhibit

On Saturday, the hubby and I took Daniela
to the Dino Exhibit
at the Suburban Showcase in Novi.

Daniela's been a Dino fan for a few months now and
we knew it would be a bit hit.
She knows all their Land Before Time Names -
Like this one is a "3 Horn", but also that it's real name
is Triceratops.  Such a smart cookie she is.

If you're thinking she's crying because she afraid of them
think again.
She's crying because she wanted to go back to the exhibit
in the next picture.

She wanted to see "Sharp Tooth" or "T-Rex" as
she also calls him.  Even though he was huge
and his roar was fierce, showing all those teeth
and he moved around, she wasn't afraid.
Daniela was in awe of these beasts that used to walk
the earth long ago.

This one is for my hubby who swore there
were no "long-necks".
He's kind of big, how'd you miss him, honey?

We ended the day at the Dino Den where the
kids could run around and play on a padded floor
and sit on various dinosaur figures.

We had a grand time and her Momma
had four hours to do homework and
study for finals.

It was a Win - Win situation.

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