Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Finished Raised Bed

** Update! I'm oh so very good at posting on certain topics and then not following up. Not so this time! Here's the finished product and the details I promised.

My husband Corky, made the raised bed 4 foot by 16 foot long and 18 inches deep. I have a great book called "The Vegetable Garden's Bible", and I read up on what they had to say about raised beds. Width depends on how far you want to reach to weed and pick produce; some gardeners like it 3 feet, 4 foot or some even 5 foot. We decided to stay in the middle range. We opted to use untreated wood, because of the controversy concerning the safety of using pressure-treated wood.

This last picture, will confirm that yes, we still have too much water. We now believe that there are damaged drainage tiles in the area causing our yard and some of our neighbor's property not to drain properly. Whatever the reason may be, you can't grow vegetables in a swamp. It does give me good excuse for not weeding the main part of the garden. I'd sink to my ankles if I tried at this point!

I have had a few suggestions to try a cranberry bog or a rice patty. I'll look into that! This year I hope to at least get tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers & zuchini.

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Meghan said...

so much smaller than we are used to but better than nothing!! I jealous.