Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ballerina Phase

Daniela is in the Ballerina Phase right now.

What exactly does that mean?
Than means she wants to wear this costume all the time.
She wants to play Baby Santa (Einstein DVD) over
and over again so she can dance to the classical music.
When she has play dates with friends she packs two
costumes so they can both dress up and dance.

It also means checking out Angelina Ballerina movies
for new dance moves and
Mimi making adjustments to the ballet slippers,
so that they fit her tiny feet.

I wish I had a video of her dancing, she does some
very funky stuff of her own,
and Gramie has actually taught her how to do a leap.
To bad Aunt Audra lives so far away, she could really
help us out with this ballet agenda and get
in some practice before her own little one 
feels the need to enter the
Ballerina Phase.

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