Monday, July 8, 2013

April, May & June - Where did you go?

 Sorry about the three month absence, life happens....  We get busy, or bored or procrastinate; my excuse is probably some of each, but mostly busy.  I will be trying to post the missing months in August when life slows down for me.  July is insanely busy.

The hubby and I just returned from a visit with our daughter, her husband and two kids in North Carolina.  The first day we were on duty as their day care providers (while their day care was closed for the week) we chose to stay home with them and just spend time being with them, it had been 8 months since my last visit and a whole year since they'd seen their Grandpa.

Bill's Aunt and Uncle had just visited them and bought the kids these cool bubble shooters, so we took them outside to try them out.

Not sure why the pouty look, but still a cute picture.

Griffin almost four, getting the hang of it.
The bubbles looked like rainbow globes in the sun.
They made a whole pile of bubbles and stomped them.
Sydney posing for this cute shot.  She let Grammie La La braid her hair.

I said "Show me how much fun you're having" and she did.

We also took the kids up to the pool that day in the afternoon.  It was pretty tricky with all the rain we had all week, to get an hour or more when you could be outside.  I didn't take the camera with me, because I knew the kids would want to be in the water the whole time and I had strict instructions not to be more than two feet away from Griffin at all times when he was in the water.  He's a little dare devil.  I also knew we were going back on the 4th to the annual pool party and games, so I decided to take my camera then.  I'll post pictures of the pool day in a later post.

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