Sunday, March 17, 2013

1,000 Gifts Continued.....

Have you ever started a book and then halfway through decided to start over at the beginning again?  Well it's seldom that I do, but when I'm afraid I might just miss something important or want to make sure that I'm comprehending all that I  should...well that's when I decide to start it over from the beginning.  Not to mention that I want to make sure I fully understand my dare.  My dare to live fully.  I have a dollar store special notebook that I'm recording all the things I'm grateful to God for, my blessings as I catch them falling upon me each day.
Here's my second installation to my list.  I didn't number the first ones, but will start now.  If you'd like to start with my original post here's the link.

 7.  Unexpectedly running into a good friend at my church

 8.  A heroic deed done by a child

 9.  Cuddling under a heavy quilt on a cold night.

10.  My Grandma's bracelet 8 charms long

11.   Watching a child's first experience with snow

12.  A No-recipe homemade soup from what's in the fridge that turns out yummy.

13.  A drowned child/alive and celebrating their second birthday
       (Truman's Open House/Birthday link)  Just noticed this one made number 13, how ironic is that?  Luck had nothing to do with Truman's miraculous out come, we give all the glory to God.

And so I continue reading the book a few pages here and there during my busy days.  I don't want to rush finishing it as I hope to instill a habit of looking and recording by continuing to be amazed by the impact of Ann's book.

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