Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elves are so Mischievous

Remember this post from last year?  When on a yearly excursion to Bronners, in Frankenmuth I purchased the Elf on a Shelf for each of my daughter's families.  They were all thrilled to adopt an elf, but one of my grandchildren was very skeptical at first.  Michael, the eldest of the bunch couldn't understand why someone would purchase something to spy on him.  It took him quite a while to warm up to the idea.

Kelpo Sammy Whitnum's family has posted on all his mischief on Face Book and I'm not sure if I can link up to that naughty little guy.   He has been up to some pretty questionable mischief with the Barbie dolls and he's also been into the syrup (and you wondered what kept those elves going night and day).

Relf has ended up in some predicaments of his own making, like the old Pheasant under glass trick.  You can read about him here.

Fiddle Faddle, who likes to be called Fiddle for short hasn't been published, but I here he's active and entertaining the three year old at his house as well.

And the fourth elf has the youngest kids to keep track of and I think his job is the easiest. He's laying low and taking advantage of the situation, but I do believe in years to come his job will be much more difficult keeping up with the girls in the Roberts family.

I've also been seeing what Mipsy has been up to this year on one of the blog I follow.  It's fun.  Some people like to go see Christmas lights, they love the crowded malls, traipsing out in the snow to sing carols, me I'll sit by my tree filled with only bird ornaments and white Christmas lights and go elf watching.  Where is the world is the most mischievous elf?

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