Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flying Grammie has been Tripping Again

In September, I took a trip to New Mexico.
In November, I went to North Carolina for a long weekend.

I'm thankful that I can afford to fly a few times a year to see
my adult children and my grand kids. 
I look forward to these trips and take tons of
pictures while I'm there.
I cherish the memories.

Sydney at the Natural Science Museum

Griffing Sawyer

Grammie & Griffin petting & brushing the goats.

One of the tigers

I also went Christmas shopping and of course had to let
the grand kids open one while I was still there to
enjoy watching them play with their new gifts.
He could barely see over the bars, but that didn't stop him.
Itty baby, Lil Rosie is in the stroller.
It was a very short trip, just Friday evening to Monday morning, but l-o-n-g overdue and when Grammie has to see them, she just has to bite the bullet and go see them.

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