Thursday, October 18, 2012

So Proud of My Numbers

I have been a little discouraged with trying to lose  the weight I gained this summer... I've been up 7 lbs. at one point from my original weight lose of 30 lbs.  I'm not giving up however, just signed up for another 12 weeks.

And I'm greatly encouraged after going to my yearly physical appointment and getting the results of my blood tests back.   I'm so proud of my numbers.

                                    Before Weight Watchers              Now
Total Cholesterol                      173                                   135
Triglycerides                            178                                   119
HDL (good)                               43                                     52
LDL (bad)                                  94                                    59
Chol/HDL Ratio                        4.0                                    2.6
A1C                                            7.2                                    6.2

It's not all about losing weight, it's also about eating healthy and improving my physical well being.  I'm happy to report that my blood tests show that I'm becoming a more healthy ME.


Michelle said...

Way to go Aunt Doris. If those numbers aren't a reason to continue what your doing I don't know what is! You are doing great!

Meghan said...

Mom I am so proud of you too! Your LDL is great. Keep it up. I just saw your itinerary and it looks great, I will try to keep the treats healthy and to a minimum while you are here. :)