Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving Day

Here we our new house

Daniela in her new room

Kitchen & Dining area

Ashley & Miguel's room before unpacking was complete

Happy Family together on their new couch
Ashley led the way and Granpa drove the moving van, with Mimi following in her car.  The two hour journey went without much trouble, except for tons on traffic and one wrong turn.  Unloading was hot and a few items very heavy and awkward.  There was one smashed finger (hope it's feeling better Miguel) and a dinged TV, but other than that the day went very well.

Granpa made sure the DVD player was hooked up so Daniela would have some way to watch her movies and she was very grateful.  Ashley has a few days off to settle in and then she starts teaching.

Life goes on at our house, with two empty bedrooms and a living room minus all the little kid toys etc.  I'm keeping busy with my nanny jobs and hubby has a new kitchen floor to install in the upcoming week. 

In September before going to New Mexico to met our newest Grandchild, I will have Daniela for a weekend sleep over.  We have many things planned for those two days already, like a visit to the Nature Center new Playscape and a play date with Ella Rose and a trip to the theatre, play grounds & pet shop visits...... all our favorite things.


Meghan said...

Looks awesome, glad everything went smoothly. Enjoy your new place!

Sherry said...

Hope you are doing ok. I know it is hard for you with her gone. Sorry I didn't get to swing by while I was in town. Family kept me So busy. But, just know, you were in my thoughts every day.

Michelle said...

So glad it went well. I was praying for you all this weekend!

Troy Hauch said...

Glad everything went well. Sorry we weren't here to help. We hope to get together with them soon. Let them know we're here if they need us. Troy & Michelle